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Great Deal of Money Related to Any Kind of Professions

It is true that successful sports profesionals can earn a great deal of money more than other important professionals. Although it is unfair for some people, it might be fully justified for the others.

Those who believe it is unfair according to their opinion on some reasons such as the imbalance of worked payment and the effect of that job to human race. The fact that a successful footbal coach can earn money more than a lawyer means imbalance, and imbalance means justice is already died. As a result, society start to re-think about how does sport professions impact the human race. They find nothing obviously and they far believe that other important professions such as teacher and lawyer should get a higher payment.

However, those who believe that a great deal of money which gotten by successful professionals is fully justified begin to give reasons. Firstly, it is all about economic laws. As we know, nowadays, sport is becoming a huge business which is designed and controlled by supply and demand rule. The bigger its business become the higher payment they can get. So does happen in sport business. So it is normal for those who work in sport, especially once who success, to get a higher payment than others.

Secondly, it is normal for people who have great capability which lead them into great success to get higher salaries. The prize of the first champions is always higher than the second best. Thirdly, it is all about paradox. As you know, life is not as simple as eating. We cannot divide things into white side and black side because too many caused involve.

In conclusion, both opinion have right reasons. In contrast, for me, higher wage of successful sport professional is fully justified because life’s value is not always related to how much money we can earn. Moreover, to make it fairer, the government used to regulate a minimum salary in order to “rescue” other important professions.

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