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Foreign Language

It is undeniable that, like several experts said, it is far better to start teaching foreign language since primary school than since secondary school so that young pupils could build their language capability as soon as possible. In my opinion, the advantages of this are higher than the opposites.

Learning foreign language since primary school, for children, means additional subject that they should to learn. As a result, the amount of a-must-learned subject become too much. Pupils cannot handle it well so that it will be difficult for them to become an expert in one or a few subjects. In the other hand, it is useless to teach children how to master foreign language if the teacher is not (1) master that subject and (2) know how to teach it effectively. These cases are often happen especially in school located in town and villages. After that, it could also reduce the interesting and understanding of mother and domestic language. As the reducing number of world languages happened every 14 days, this is a bad news.

In contrast, several possitive values are available if foreign language is strart to be taught in primary school. Firstly, children have more time to master this subject. As a consequences, they will have more chances to learn and improve their skills. Secondly, it is good to prepare our next generations in order to face globaziation and world’s free-trading era. It is simply because by mastering foreign language, we can rise our bargaining position.

In conclusion, besides this basic advantages which overweigh the disadvantages, by solving the disadvantages through some solutions—balancing the proportion of young pupils school’s schedule, rise the quality of teachers, and take care of domestic language—we can get more advantages from it.

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