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Creative Artist, Freedom, and Government Restriction

It is true that creative artists need a freedom in order to present their creative ‘product’ such as books, pictures, music, and movies without any restrictions from the government. In my opinion, while freedom is given, rules—especially moral restriction—are still needed so that creative artists could use this freedom responsibly.

Creative artists, as we know, need freedom in order to express their ideas honestly. Without any freedom, the ideas wouldnot be expressed clearly. It is simply because governmental restriction—which produce political and social fear—always become their obstacles. Once it become huge obstacle, good books, pictures, music, and movies will no longer be produced. As its decreasing number of art product of performances, our quality of life will also downwards, and it slow-but-sure cut down our culture. In the other hand, total freedom cause chaos. For example, without any rules, film producer can produce worse movies—which can give bad impact to our human race and culture such as “blue film”—and children can wacth it freely.

In contrast, governmental restriction is related and often becoming the total control of the government. As we had faced years ago during New Regime authority, this restriction was killing the art-world softly. Creative artists started to fear worry and afraid to produce honest books or pictures or music or movies because they could be killed. As a consequence, our life was full of fear and less art-productions was produced.

In conclusion, while freedom is being given to those creative artists, moral restrictions are also needed to keep them responsible in using this freedom so that wa can save not only their creativity but also our culture and humanity.

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