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Modes of Transportation in UK

The chart above describe four kinds of transportation’s modes used to deliver goods in UK during 1974 until 2002. Except the different numbers of each modes, the graph of all modes is fluctuating and ended in a higher level than it began.

During 1974 until 2000, every modes shown less growth, except train which was stagnant. Then during 4 years later, while modes of pipeline and water were incline, the other two are obviously decline. Modes of road had a steady rise during 1982 until 1990 from about 70 million tonnes to more than 80 million tonnes. In the same time, modes of pipeline and water showed no change: almost 20 million tonnes for pipeline and about 60 million tonnes for water. Modes of rail, in contrast, fluctuate around 40 million tonnes. In the last 12 years (1990-2002), there was only modes of pipeline showed the increasing number of million tonnes goods transported. Started at 20 million tonnes in 1990, it reached below 30 million tonnes in the end of the period. Unfortunatelly, it was still the lowest.

The highest top was modes of road. Fluctuated during 1990 until around 1995, it sharply increased for about 4 years before became virtually stragnant after 1998. It reached 100 million tonnes at the end of the period while modes of water only got 20 million tonnes and mode of rail reached below 40 million tonnes.

As a result, this trend explained that modes of road were the most-used mode to transport quantities of goods.


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