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Why did Quraisy Took Care of Kaaba During Stupidness Era?

After my friend who had read my seventh book had asked about “how can Quraisy—which most of them was not moslem—took care of Kaaba and Mecca—which was the main holy mosque and place for moslem?”, I started to put points to answer.


As we know, there were, at least, four religions belong to Mecca’s society during that time: Hanifiyah—whose Ibrahim as their Rasul—pagan, which Hubal was their main god, yahudi, the believers of Musa’s religion, and nasrani—the Jesus Christ followers.


Generally, Quraisy Clan were pagans. They believe that Allah, whose “house” is located there, had several daughters—hubal, latta, uzza, and so on. But eventhough the majority of Mecca’s people believe in many gods, a few of them still remain for Ibrahim religion. They known as “Hanif”—those who practice Hanifiyah religion. At that time, because of years-without-massangers, the ritual of this religion was only “i’tikaf”—stay for at least a while in a mosque—“uzlah”—being alone in a place far from society for several nights—and pilgrim—as we can see today.


So that, eventhough pilgrim was Ibrahim’s tought, the pagans had also pilgrim ritual, with, of course, distances of term and time and god(s).


It leads us to the question: why did these pagans took-care of Kaaba and kept Mecca eventhough by war?


  1. Kaaba was an unchangeable historical building. Was built by Ibrahim and Ismail hundread years before the stupidness era, Kaaba began to become an important heritage monument. People all over the world loved to visit this site and as a consequence, Mecca’s society need to took-care of both Kaaba and Mecca or they will be forced by pilgrimmers around the world and lossing tourism market and trading bussiness.
  2. They setted Kaaba as the centre of their god. Hubal was located, exactly in the heart of Kaaba. The 359-other-gods was surrounding this holy mosque.
  3. The more successful they were in caring of Mecca, the more respect that they will get from people. As the society who payed attention more in respectness, Quraisy was willing to do everything to keep their existance in Mecca. They learnt from the failure of Khuza’ah who had been kicked out because of their disintegrity on caring Mecca.
  4. Mecca was located in important trading way, so that, by leading Mecca, they could also lead the international market.


That’s all that I can share. Thank you.

Best Regards,

Irfan L. Sarhindi

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